Exhibition program Homecoming.

«Coming home. But to what home? What does “home” really mean nowadays? Is it a geographical location, a state of mind, a community of people? Or it it, perhaps, simply nostalgia for a place where, if truth be told, we have never really lived?».

Homecoming, in this second cycle of exhibitions devoted to contemporary photography organized by Rifugio Digitale, curated by Irene Alison with Paolo Cagnacci, is an opportunity to explore the concept of home in the complexity of the contemporary world, in the precarious balance between global interconnection and the need to find our own personal roots. Homecoming investigates the concept of identity in relation to places, whether it be a return to our origins, the rediscovery of our culture, or the response to a need to piece together the fragments of our history. Homecoming is also the opportunity to open our horizons to different viewpoints, exploring the histories and languages of other latitudes, and recognizing the importance of a pluralistic, multicultural outlook in contemporary photography.

The entire exhibition series is realized through the collaboration of the Rifugio Digitale Association with Forma Edizioni and the Infoto Firenze Association and supported by Gruppo AF and Banca Ifigest.

Lara Shipley
Desire Lines

26.10 – 26.11.2023

«Beyond the grim fascination of the stark Sonoran landscape – barren, dusty hills, dry weeds bent by the wind and, above, the menacing hum of helicopters and drones dotting the horizon of a hyper-surveilled region – Desire Lines explores a more metaphorical border: a vortex of estrangement and unfamiliarity, a story of a brutalized dream and of subjugation, destined to repeat itself in time.»

Paolo Raeli
We Are Family

30-11 – 31.12.2023

«Raeli has been a compulsive photographer for over ten years (and he is only 29!). He applies an autobiographical dimension to his work, while operating on a universal plane, depicting the loves of a twenty-year-old but also an idea of family that challenges every stereotype: we love whoever we choose, those who resemble us, those who have the ability to understand our fragility amid the chaos of the world. We love those who embrace our changing selves, beyond the ties of blood, social convention or contract.»

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