The exhibition cycle SuperNatural.

The dialogue between the natural and the artificial, as well as between the earthly and spiritual dimensions, as seen through the eyes of photographers who examined places, conflicts and paradoxes that run through the contemporary, reflecting on the complex position that man occupies on the planet.

The series of exhibitions hosted by Rifugio Digitale on the theme of SuperNatural, conceived by Irene Alison and Paolo Cagnacci, represents a reflection that animates contemporary living, investing both our relationship with space and the way we project ourselves in time, in the perspective of an increasingly uncertain future between climate crisis and epidemics. The great conflicts of the anthropocene are explored through it visually and symbolically, articulating a path in search of human nature in relation to the mark and imprint that humans leave on the earth: from the creative recycling of waste, to the denial of the artificial dimension in favor of a return to the origins, to the hypotheses of transhumanism and the need for transcendence and spirituality inherent in human nature at any latitude and in any age.

The entire exhibition cycle is made possible thanks to the collaboration of Rifugio Digitale Association with Forma Edizioni and Infoto Firenze Association and supported by Banca Ifigest.

Luca Locatelli
Future Studies

20.10 – 27.11.2022 

A journey among the people and places where science and technology are being used to strike the right balance between humans and the planet they inhabit, in an effort to reduce our impact and redefine our presence in a more sustainable way. For a long time, progress has been the pivot on which utopian visions of the future have been based. But if it is true, as Yuval Noah Harari argues, that science is getting closer and closer to transforming Homo into Deus, it is precisely on this boundary that Homo is in danger of losing itself. What then will be our possible next steps as a species?

Charlotte Dumas

Ao 青

01.12. 2022 – 12.01.2023

Charlotte Dumas presents herself at Rifugio Digitale with an itinerary, created expressly for this exhibition, drawn from her video/photographic projects “Shio,” “Yorishiro,” and “Ao,” all made on the island of Yonaguni. The exhibition unveils the horizon of a dialogue between the natural dimension, which takes shape in the presence of horses and in the ancestral and impervious landscape of the Japanese island, and the human dimension, embodied by the presence of the three very young protagonists of this coming-of-age story: three little girls (Yuzu, daughter of an Okinawan trainer, Avis and Ivy, daughters of the photographer) capable of symbolically shortening the distance that separates us from nature thanks to their ability to communicate with the earth and its creatures.

Matthieu Gafsou

23.03 – 26.04.2023

H+ presented a visual, and visionary, survey of Transhumanism, an intellectual movement that aims to perfect the human body through the use of science and technology. Will we ever be ready for the abandonment of the physical body in favor of a dimension increasingly hybridized with machines? How would we reconceive our existence if in a posthuman future we could postpone forever our appointment with death?

Piero Percoco

30.03 – 23.04.2023

In his images, the concept of SuperNatural-the track along which the exhibition cycle conceived by Irene Alison for Rifugio Digitale unravels-takes the overflowing, carnal form of a physicality that overflows, ages, screams, sweats, filling the entire frame and evading any canon or judgment.

Hayley Eichenbaum
The Mother Road

04 – 21.05.2023

Traveling the legendary Route 66 countless times, Hayley Eichenbaum has constructed a tale of geometry and color that is a declaration of love for the road that, more than any other, has marked American history and identity. Cleansing the frame of all noise, carving out timeless scenery and casting an aura of mystery over minimalist architecture, Eichenbaum has transformed the ordinary into the surreal, offering us her technicolor rewrite of the myth of the frontier.

Maria Lax
Taken by the Tide


That of Taken by the Tide is, for the photographer, a return that is not a return, because Mary, that home she left behind many years ago in a small village in Finland, continues to search for it wherever the road takes her. Mexico, Ireland, Iceland, England: all the places she has traveled to for her photographic adventures in recent years are the scene of a restless search for her place in the world.

Petrina Hicks


By rewriting mythical narratives such as that of Medusa or Adam and Eve, and by choosing as co-starring characters in her shots animals with strong symbolic connotations such as snakes, felines and birds, Petrina Hicks alludes in her photographs to the complexity of women’s identity and the spiritual nature of their relationship with animals. If animals, in her vision, are closer to the “divine” than humans because they exist in a state of pure awareness, women are closer to animals because they are more capable of understanding that we live in the same single continuum.

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