“The dialogue between natural and artificial but also between the earthly dimension and the spiritual, seen through the eyes of photographers who have examined places, conflicts and paradoxes that cross the contemporary world, reflecting on the complex position that humans occupy on the planet.”


20.10 — 27.11.2022

“It is a voyage among the people and places where science and technology are used to find the proper balance between man and the planet he inhabits, in an attempt to reduce our impact and redefine our presence in a more sustainable way.”

02_Ao 青

01.12 — 12.01.2023

“Her love of horses has led her on their traces for over twenty years, taking her all the way to the remote Japanese island of Yonaguni, near Taiwan, to study the role that these animals have today in our world. The relationship between man and horse is ages old and its role has been fundamental for the development of human society.”


23.02 — 26.03.2023

“How does one invent the future? And how does one then document it using photography? H+ by Matthieu Gafsou is a visual – and visionary – exploration of transhumanism, the intellectual movement that attempts to perfect the human body through the use of science and technology.”


30.03 — 23.04.2023

“Between the Coney Island of Wee Gee, the suburban America of Stephen Shore and the southern liturgies of William Eggleston, Percoco’s Puglia loses its geographical borders to become a place of the soul, a place that, for the photographer, is at the same time “home” and unexplored territory.”


04.05 — 21.05.2023

“In the images that make up this exhibition Hayley Eichenbaum combines natural and artifi cial, true and false, with seductive ambiguity, transforming the reality of the archetype that feeds our every fantasy about America: from the science fi ctions movies of the Sixties to the great American melodramas of the Fifties, and the literary epics on the road.”


22.06 — 13.07.2023

“Returning to the city of her birth after many years abroad, Lax realized that the beloved places of her childhood were gone, and that the map of her memories no longer matched that of current geography. Taken by the Tide is a voyage between space and memory, in search of a home that probably no longer exists.”


20.07 — 03.09.2023

“Alluding to a mythical dimension constantly evoked through references to classical antiquity, Petrina Hicks’ images reveal an instinctual and magical dimension, a reality beyond the boundaries of the visible in which animals and humans reconnect and recognize their mutual individuality as they observe each other.”

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