This collection reflects the work of Roberto Di Caro, journalist and photoreporter for L’Espresso, who between 2001 and 2009 captured scenes from the front in countries that have been protagonists of complex conflicts that have reshaped the geopolitical scenario of recent years. Shots of war, but also of personal and contemplative moments, which aim to show the other side of conflicts, made not only of kalashnikovs and tanks, but of people, ordinary life, children, women and men in territories destroyed by bombs in wars that seem to have no end. 

Among all the pictures in the exhibition, 12 were selected to best represent the story of this experience. The images selected here can be purchased and will be autographed by the author.

Specific of the photographic works:

Format 70×100 cm
Format 100×70 cm
Fine art ink jet fine art
Hahnemuhle paper photorag Baryta 308grAcid Free mounting on Dbond

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01_NOMADISM – North Afghanistan, November 2001

03_WAR – Taliban surrender at the Kunduz frontline, Afghanistan, November 2001

05_NOMADISM – North Afghanistan, November 2001

07_CIVILISATION – Qala-i-Ikhtiyaruddin Fortress and Citadel, Afghanistan, Herat, September 2005

09_EVERYDAY LIFE – Rice put out to dry at the front in Kunduz, Afghanistan, November 2001

11_EVERYDAYLIFE – Kunduz frontline, Afghanistan, November 2001

02_ EVERYDAY LIFE – Baghdad, Iraq, April 2003

04_NOMADISM – The return of refugees to their homes, Afghanistan, November 2001

06_WAR – The return of refugees to their homes, Afghanistan, November 2001

08_KURDS – Peshmerga commanders at the front line in Chamchamal, Kurdistan, March 2003

10_FACES – Children sell flowers, Iraq, 2003

12_NOMADISM – Baghdad, Iraq, April 2003