Volto Manifesto

Lorella Zanardo, Cesare Cantù

Opening September 21 at 6:30 p.m.
Visits available from September 22 to 24 | Wed.-Sun. 11.00-19.00

«What will happen to the human face? The one that naturally has peculiarities and flaws, wrinkles and spots, the one that undergoes changes every day?».

This is the question raised by Lorella Zanardo and Cesare Cantù, activists who are founders of Nuovi Occhi per i Media and authors of the Volto Manifesto awareness campaign.

An initiative that aims to enhance the uniqueness of the human face in front of the homogenization of somatic features that is affecting young and old worldwide. A scientific-cultural project of Nuovi Occhi per i Media, supported by Unicoop Firenze, which aims to build awareness of how important it is to preserve the uniqueness of the human face. Indeed, the advent of social and new digital tools has triggered a tendency to want to modify one’s face to look more like standard, recurring canons.

What are the consequences of this? How much will it impact our identity? These questions were answered by Lorella Zanardo and Cesare Cantù, with a work and path of awareness that finds space in this exhibition.

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