SuperNatural Open Call

OPENING: Tuesday, October 17, 6:30 p.m. at Rifugio Digitale.
EXHIBITION: viewable Oct. 18-22 from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. at Rifugio Digitale. Free entrance.

© Noemi Comi, Homo Saurus, 2023.

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Today, after the great response obtained in 2022-2023 by the SuperNatural cycle, curated by Irene Alison and Paolo Cagnacci, Infoto-partner of the initiative and organizer of the accompanying lectures-decided to open its gaze to a broader horizon, launching the SuperNatural Open Call: a call aimed at emerging photographers who had projects that could offer new interpretations of the concept.

From the many nominations received, the jurors chose eleven projects that, on display at Rifugio, will multiply the meanings of the theme: from rituals to excesses, from roots to stars, the Italian talents exhibited in the collective will return a kaleidoscopic vision of what is “supernatural.”

A special section of the exhibition, the Capsule Selection of Infoto’s SuperNatural Mentoring Program, the result of Paolo Cagnacci’s mentorship with Infoto group photographers on the Supernatural track.

Stories of trees, animals, humans and aliens. Stories of nature that crosses the borders of “natural” and trespasses into the territory of dream, utopia, hallucination. The SuperNaturtal Open Call group show, promoted by Infoto and exhibited at Rifugio Digitale from Oct. 17 to 22, unveils new, unforeseen meanings for the concept that has been the red thread of the first exhibition cycle dedicated by Rifugio Digitale to contemporary photography.

The exhibition is produced in collaboration with the Associazione Infoto Firenze and Forma Edizioni and supported by the Associazione Infoto Firenze, Gruppo AF and UIF – Unione Italiana Fotoamatori.

© Renato Piazzini, 2023. In: Infoto SuperNatural Mentoring Program.

Photographers selected for SuperNatural Open Call.

Leonardo Bocci
Francesca Cao
Nadia Cianelli
Noemi Comi
Giuseppe De Grazia
Camilla Fatticcioni
Luca Gasparro
Francesco Paolo Gassi
Dario Mannucci
Fabio Moscatelli
Andrea Roversi

Capsule Selection Infoto SuperNatural Mentoring Program.

Piero Alessandra
Sandra Ceccarelli
Mauro Cenci
Maria Grazia Dainelli
Alma Daniele De Silvestro
Luca Federici
Massimo Macherelli
Carlo Midollini
Renato Piazzini
Giovanna Sparapani
Antonio Vinzi

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