Taken by the Tide

Maria Lax

June 22 to July 13 | Wed – Sun 11.00 a.m. – 7 p.m.

There is a liminal place between our world and the unknown lands of eternity, and Maria Lax, the Finnish photographer who is the focus of our sixth personal exhibition at Rifugio Digitale as part of the SuperNatural cycle, explores it with her pictures.

Returning to the city of her birth after many years abroad, Lax realized that the beloved places of her childhood were gone, and that the map of her memories no longer matched that of current geography. Taken by the Tide, curated by Irene Alison and Paolo Cagnacci, is a voyage between space and memory, in search of a home that probably no longer exists.
The artist has always been attracted by popular legends and folklore, by the sense of a collective identity transmitted from generation to generation through storytelling, and she takes us into a universe that appears familiar and at the same time hopelessly alien where, between the ancestral power of nature, and the glimpses we get of phantoms from the past, the rising waves of the incoming tide seem to push the artist farther and farther away, toward the open sea. 

In copertina: © Maria Lax. Taken by the Tide.

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